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Frequently Asked Questions


Our plans currently only support storage and shred pickups from a single location. If you have more than one location, you can either set up an account for each location or contact Iron Mountain at 1-877-690-6759

Our plans are optimized for simplicity and convenience, you can always adjust the amount of storage and number of shred bins required, but all other features and configurations are fixed. If you have different needs than our plans provide for, please contact Iron Mountain at 1-877-690-6759

The plans on our website are currently all we offer at this time. If you have a recommendation for a product or service please drop us a note at customersupport@sierra26.com. We’re always looking for feedback and ways to improve our customers’ experience.

Of course. You can update your plan by contacting your sierra26 customer service representative at 888-703-8127. You can upgrade the amount of storage or shred bins you require, or even upgrade to a different plan altogether. In some cases fees may apply, and you will be notified if that is the case. All changes will be active on the first day of your next billing cycle.

When you sign up with sierra26, you are billed for the first month of a 12-month contract term. However, in the first 60 days if you are not satisfied with your service, you are free to cancel at no charge. You will receive all your materials back and a full refund of plan costs incurred to that date.

Contact your customer service representative and they will assist you with closing your account. Account closure fees will apply if cancelling beyond the 60-day risk free trial, they are $3.99 / box stored and $64.15 / shred bin.

You can dispose the following in your 32-gallon shred bin(s) to be securely shredded:

  • Clean paper, any color and any size
  • Blueprints
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Mail — including window envelopes
  • Photographs
  • File folders, any color (no need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands or small binders)

You cannot dispose the following in your shred bin:

  • Cardboard
  • Telephone books
  • Hardcover books
  • Plastic bags and packing material
  • Computer discs, CDs, DVDs
  • Backup and VCR tapes
  • Transparencies
  • ID badges and driver’s licenses
  • Microfiche and Microfilm
  • X-rays
  • Batteries (no batteries of any kind)
  • Computer parts
  • Printer and photocopier parts
  • Trash or hazardous materials
  • Biohazardous and Medical Waste (including needles and sharps)
  • Metals (including binders, hanging folders with metal hangers)

Pricing & fees

All of our plans have a fixed monthly price, just select the number of boxes you need to store and number of shred bins you need serviced each month. We have no upfront costs or additional monthly fees, all prices are inclusive of transportation, handling, and set-up.

We offer a selection of “add-on” services that can be purchased at any time for an additional charge.

Add-On Price
Additional digital file request (for plans that include Storage) $15 / file *
Additional physical box retrieval $50 / box (includes shipping, handling, and transport back to our facility)
Additional box pickups $6 / box (includes handling and transport to our facility)
Rush physical box retrieval (order before 2PM and receive before noon the next day) $100 / box (includes shipping, handling, and transport back to our facility)

(*) Digital file requests over the standard 50-page limit will incur an additional digital file charge of $15 for the next 50 pages, and so on.

Your boxes will be sent out to you as soon as possible after payment, as well as the indexing forms, to allow you to start getting your boxes ready to be picked up and stored. We strive to get your services started as quickly after payment as possible, but require the confirmation in order to begin sending you boxes, shred bins, and other such materials.

Boxes & storage

If your boxes are not stored at your office, contact customer service. We currently do not pick up from other offsite document storage facilities, but may be able to pick up from some self-storage locations.

Refunds are not issued for unused boxes. Our plans come in increments of 100 boxes for storage, ranging from 100 to 600 boxes. If you order a certain number of boxes and do not use some, you are free to keep them and use them for your onsite storage or recycle them.

Our plans come in increments of 100 boxes for storage, ranging from 100 to 600 boxes. When you select a plan, we ship you the corresponding number of boxes. After packing if you realize you require more boxes, please contact customer service. You will need to be upgraded to the new volume tier and have your billing adjusted accordingly.

Please contact customer service, you will need to arrange a transport for extra boxes you have, or you will need to be upgraded to the next volume tier and purchase additional boxes for $6/box. This fee includes the cost of receiving the boxes and pickup & transport to our secure facility.

Digital File Requests & box retrievals

Contact your customer service representative at 888-703-8127. We offer a rush retrieval option for $100 / box. Orders placed before 2 PM will arrive before 12 noon the next day. Price includes shipping, handling, and transport back to our facility.

No problem. You can request an additional digital file directly through the dashboard. Simply find the file you want to have imaged and select, and you will be prompted to authorize an additional charge of $15/file (for up to 50 pages). Your payment method on file will be charged and you will receive an invoice.

Digital file requests cover up to 50 pages. Any files over the 50-page limit will result in an additional digital file request being charged from your monthly allotment or billed at $15 (if you are past your monthly allotment). We have found that 50 pages is the average file size for most customer documents.

You can request to retrieve a box (beyond your plan allotment) through the dashboard. Simply find the box you want to retrieve, and you will be prompted to authorize an additional charge of $50/box. Your payment method on file will be charged and you will receive an invoice. This price includes shipping to your location and pickup & transport back to our secure facility.

When you request a file to be scanned, it is hosted by sierra26 and accessible to you through our portal for 1 year. You are also able to download the files to your own local or network drives for perennial access.

Payment & billing

Call customer service for assistance.

When you sign up for a plan you are automatically enrolled in autopay for the length of 12-month contract, You will be billed on the same day each month and receive email confirmation.

Security & compliance

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of your documents. All documents will be secured in Iron Mountain’s industry-leading secure storage facilities. Our buildings are resistant to seismic activity, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. We also employ round the clock fire and burglar protection with a state of the art alarm monitoring system.

Yes. Our solutions meet and exceed the most stringent industry specific requirements, providing for the special demands of industries such as energy, entertainment, health and life sciences.

  • Transportation is performed by highly trained Iron Mountain staff.
  • Iron Mountain’s InControl® ensures the protection of your information while it is in transit with patented security, real-time tracking, and auditable chain of custody. Our drivers follow strict guidelines and careful instructions during the loading and transport of records.
  • You can also track the status of your orders and pickups through your sierra26 dashboard.

Protecting our customers’ assets begins the minute we receive them, and doesn’t end until we either return them or securely destroy them. In order to ensure the security of federal agency information assets, we rely on a series of tightly-linked safeguards, which we refer to as a “chain of custody.” This chain of custody is a set of procedures that assigns a unique identifier to each customer asset in Iron Mountain’s possession, enabling it to be tracked constantly, no matter where it is.

A secure Chain of Custody is an important core capability at Iron Mountain because it assures our customers get:

  • Secure chain of custody while material is in transit
  • Systematic products and processes to detect and correct potential human error
  • Real time electronic signatures and receipts
  • Audit trail of item level transactions

About sierra26

sierra26 is part of the Iron Mountain brand family. sierra26 offers local services to businesses like yours with facilities and operations provided by the world class Iron Mountain team. We are transparent in our pricing and offerings, focused on providing a streamlined digital experience, and are growing quickly with expanded product offerings to come.

You will interact with our dedicated sierra26 team for all pre- and post-purchase support (e.g., billing, scheduling a service, contacting customer service). All facilities, transportation, and other field operations are provided by Iron Mountain which is why you may see Iron Mountain trucks, drivers, and boxes accompanying your services.

Our offerings are separate and distinct from Iron Mountain services and can only be purchased on the sierra26 website or through a sierra26 customer success representative. At this time sierra26 and Iron Mountain solutions and contracts cannot be combined.

At this time agreements and contracts with Iron Mountain will not be merged or transferred over to sierra26 and vice versa.

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